Thursday, 9 September 2010

On dreams

I am in a dressing room. The walls are a deep blue, lined with velvet curtains. I appear to be backstage in a dressing room; am I a performer waiting in the wings? I am unsure.

I look at my hands, the skin prickling. They are covered in lumps, perfect domes of translucent skin. I stare, transfixed as the skin pops and ruptures, leaving nothing but a black hole. I bring my hand closer to my face in curiosity, pulling away with nausea and disgust as bright orange fluid wells up inside like magma.

I find my face turning upwards to the mirror before me. I am dressed in the same material adorning the walls, blue velvet flowing over my skin like water. I run my tongue against my teeth, probably some sign of my oral fixation or maybe not, but what distracts me is how my teeth move, wobbling in their foundations like milk teeth. The sense of nausea intensifies as I push harder with my tongue and the teeth move more and more.

I hear a soft 'clink' as one falls from my open mouth into the sink, red droplets falling swiftly after.

I wake up.


A mix of two recurring dreams I've had. The hands one was from my childhood, and rarely pops up now. The tooth one isn't as frequent lately but I can count on it showing up in my sleep when I'm stressed. Damn my obsession with perfect oral hygiene haha


  1. Weird stuff
    I'm gonna try out lucid dreaming, any tips?

  2. Only ever managed it once :( have you done it before? I've heard if you can wake up and go straight back to sleep it helps but...